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How to fragrance your hair naturally

Our hair is exposed to the constant effects of the environment. This makes it an easy victim of all odors (smoke, sweat, etc.). Sometimes even if you want to wash it every day, it is impossible to get rid of bad smells.

Are you looking for ways to scent your hair?

Although special hair perfumes are becoming increasingly popular, in this article we will tell you about several alternative ways to flavor hair. For this purpose, you will make your own perfumes at home or you will bet on more natural options with the help of appetizing fruit, exotic and floral fragrances without alcohol, which dries the hair. These home fragrances have a therapeutic effect, restoring the beauty and health of hair.

Tahitian monoi oil

Tahitian monoecious oil is a wonderful natural product that you can use in body and hair care. It is derived from the grinding of the flowers of the tiara flower (Tahitian gardenia) and coconut oil. This combination has a very specific exotic aroma, resembling vanilla.

We recommend this perfume for the summer, as you will not only scent your hair extremely pleasantly, but you will also make it soft, shiny and protect it from the sun. This natural perfume contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that moisturizes and restores hair in depth. If you use it regularly, you will not need a hair mask after washing it.

We do not recommend this product for oily hair.

Floral water (Hydrolates)

Hydrolates are obtained by distilling plants during the process of extracting their essential oils. This means that they represent the residual water after the preparation of the oils. It contains water-soluble substances from the plant and small amounts of essential oil. This water retains some of the aroma and qualities of the flowers but is weaker and less concentrated. Although not so popular, this type of water has been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times.

We strongly recommend the following hydrolates:

✔️ Orange blossom hydrolate: the color of orange or neroli is characterized by a specific and soothing aroma with a relaxing effect. The fragrance regulates the secretion of fat from the scalp.
✔️ Rosemary hydrolate: Rosemary has always been used as a stimulant of hair health and beauty, as it improves blood circulation, prevents hair loss, and regulates scalp secretion. It also has a purifying effect and a refreshing, herbal aroma.
✔️ Mint Hydrolate: This hydrolate is the most refreshing of all. It is ideal for hot days when the scalp is constantly sweating. It also helps with dandruff problems.

Hair fragrance with rose water

Rose water is excellent floral water traditionally used in Indian culture. It is characterized by a delicate and very feminine fragrance. It is also used as a balancing ingredient with restorative and antioxidant action. You can also use it in special cases, as it has aphrodisiac properties.

Decoction of concentrated lavender

Lavender has a strong cleansing and soothing effect. It also attracts attention with its delicate aroma. This is what makes it a preferred means to flavor your hair, for which a concentrate of its colors is prepared.

This perfume is very gentle, ideal for any time of the day, suitable for children, etc.

Essential oils

The easiest way to make your own hair perfume is by using essential oils. All that is required of you is to drop a few drops of oil in a little water, shake the bottle well and spray your hair. We recommend the following fragrances:

✔️Ylang-ylang: a rich floral fragrance with aphrodisiac properties.
✔️Bergamot: It is the key to giving black tea its characteristic scent. Bergamot is a very special fragrance with antidepressant action.
✔️Jasmine: Gentle, delicate, and relaxing. Combines well with many other flavors.
✔️Lemon: Gives a feeling of purity and freshness. Combines perfectly with other citrus flavors.

Here are some tips on using essential oils to flavor your hair

Pour the perfume into a spray bottle and spray your hair from a distance of about 20 cm. Make sure you have scented your hair along its entire length. You should not moisturize it too much. You can then massage your hair or comb it to make sure the perfume has spread evenly.

We recommend that you carry the perfume with you, in your handbag. You can apply it again when you have been exposed to strong odors.

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