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Finding a Hair Loss Solution for Women

If you’re a woman dealing with hair loss and thinning, you’re undoubtedly feeling fairly anxious. However, if you learn certain facts concerning female hair loss, you won’t be fretting and causing more hair to fall out.

Because female hair loss is frequently a transient occurrence, finding a hair loss cure is rather straightforward.

Androgenetic alopecia is the hereditary form of baldness that affects 50 percent of men, and some women after 40. Female hair loss usually starts after menopause although it can begin earlier. The main reason for this is that estrogen levels decline. Hormonal changes cause hair to be thin.

It’s reassuring to know that, aside from androgenetic alopecia, metabolic and hormonal changes are the most prevalent cause of hair loss in women. As a result, hair loss is typically only transient. Women, unlike men, seldom get completely bald. Females, on the other hand, are more likely to experience hair thinning.

Hair loss during pregnancy, for example, is very transitory and should cease about 6 months after birth. A considerable quantity of estrogen is generated while a woman is pregnant, prompting the hair follicles to enter their growth phase. The woman’s hormonal equilibrium is restored once the baby is delivered. The hair follicles are now going through a hair loss phase in the opposite direction. While there isn’t much that can be done to prevent hair loss at this time, using a hair tonic to speed up hair regrowth can be beneficial.

Crash diets leading to rapid weight loss over a short period of time prompt excessive hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by physical and emotional stress, although it typically only happens over a lengthy period of time and in extreme circumstances.

Hair loss should stop after stress levels have returned to normal. As a result, finding techniques to minimize stress is a fantastic hair loss treatment!

Hair loss can also be caused by some medications. Chemotherapy is the most prevalent medical treatment that causes hair loss. The medicine targets the hair cells, resulting in scalp hair loss. Hair loss can also be caused by some prescription medicines (for thyroid hormone deficit, diabetes, and lupus) certain dietary supplements. The hair loss problem should go away after these pharmacological drugs are stopped.

Other stresses to the hair may include frequent dyeing and chemicals eg. perming solutions applied to the hair. Generally, healthy hair can undergo these treatments without showing signs of stress, if they are not done too often. But if the hair is not allowed a chance to recover from the constant application of hair chemicals, then it becomes brittle and starts to break off. Hair loss treatment products to help strengthen the follicles should help when applied to the scalp.

Once you’ve figured out what’s wrong with your hair, you can start looking for the best hair loss treatment. Most of the time, if the reason is transient, you may be comfortable that your condition will go away with the proper treatment. However, for more serious instances, a qualified dermatologist should be consulted for a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.

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